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The company has made a rapid progress in the business owing to its premium quality products. Upholding the importance of commitment. We progress to take on new opportunities and challenges offered by the future.

Positive sales growth and development during these years have enabled us to expand and diversify in our field and establish a strong network in this market. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction through manufacturing and supplying scientific, Laboratory testing equipments & instruments that are complying with national and international standards. It is superior in terms of quality & durability

We manufacture Autoclave, B. O. D Incubator, Constant Temperature Circulating Bath, Deep Freezer, De-Humidifier, Humidity Chamber, Ice Flakers, Laboratory Oven, Laminar Flow, Low Temperature Circulating Bath, Low Temp. (Horizontal / Frost Free Vertical), Walk - In Incubator / Cooler, Walk - In Humidity Environmental Test Chamber , Muffle Furnace, Stability Chamber, Tergo Tometer, Thermal Shock Chamber , Tray Dryer, Ultra Low Temperature, Universal Water Bath, Vacuum Oven, Viscometric Bath, Water Still, Cold Chamber , Walk - In Stability Chamber, Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinet

Terg - O - tometer


Specially used for laboratory evaluation of Soaps, detergents, dyestuffs, surfactants, cleaners for textiles & other materials.

Fabrication :

Heavy angular structure with CRCA / M.S. duly non-contaminant epoxy powder coated. It has a water bath with S. S tank, Six 2-litre S. S beakers, six motor-driven S. S agitators.

Working :

It gives scaled reproductions of larger washer, This is a 6 place washing machine simulating the action of the agitator type washer.

Determination :

Detergent valve of soap, synthetic detergents, & other washing compounds. Washability of fabrics. Colour fastness of textile materials. Optimum temp. & rotary action cycle for a liquid phase until process

Temp. Control:

Microprocessor based PID temp. controller for water bath, agitator speed controller, automatic timer to set" wash" & rinse cycles.

Special Care :

Suitable K.V.A. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is strongly recommended.

* Due to continuous development & improvements in design, we reserve the right to change the specification without notice

Corp. Office

  • Corp. Office: G-16, MK Industrial Premises Co-op Soc. Ltd, Sonawala "X" Road No.2 ,
    Goregoan East, Mumbai 400063, Maharashtra, India
  • Email: info@srlabinstruments.com
  • Tel No.: 022 - 2685 8753 / 022 2685 6124

Factory Address

  • G-16, MK Industrial Premises Co-op Soc. Ltd, Sonawala "X" Road No.2 ,
    Goregoan East, Mumbai 400063, Maharashtra, India


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